Siebe Gorman helmet model

This handicraft piece of art is a faithful reproduction in 1 : 2,75 scale and is made according the original drawings. All copper of 0,6 mm thick is beaten by hand like the original helmets on wooden moulds and tinned inside. All brass parts are made exactly on scale and guarantee that the scale model is fully functional, compared to the actual helmets. The bonnet and the corselet are detachable by means of a bayonet connection with a four part thread connection with locking device.
The bonnet of the helmet is amongst others provided the air intake plus non-return valve, telephone elbow with cap nut, two oval side windows, a detachable face plate, a “spitcock valve”, hooks and eyes and a complete adjustable exhaust valve. In the interior of the bonnet the air-ducts are mounted. The corselet is fitted out with four straps and twelve wingnuts and marked with the Siebe Gorman nametag.
Every Masuccisub helmet has a progressive number on the face plate and in the interior of the connecting rings. The helmet is delivered on a lacquered support, on which a wingnut spanner is mounted. The delivery-time is ca. 25 working days after order.


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